Windlass Consulting, Inc.

Heavy lifting for software development


Medical/Hospital: Electronic patient charting, medical instruments, hospital information systems, medical billing.

Industries and Applications

Legal: Expert witness, legal document management applications

Financial: Accounting and project costing, trading systems, fixed price securities,

Educational and Training: Wireless campus notification and security, military multimedia training, collaborative training and e-learning


Operating Systems: UNIX/Linux (most flavors), Windows (all flavors)


Bioscience: Bioinformatics support software, DNA sequencer interface, lab monitoring

Languages: C#, Java, Perl and other scripting languages, C++, C, PASCAL, PL/1, COBOL, ALGOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, SQL, most Unix and Windows scripting languages, assembly language for several different processors


Protocols and Standards: SNMP, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD, XSLT, HTML, TCP/UDP, WMI, LDAP, WAP, and more...

Tools: JEE and JSF, .Net and Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij Idea, Tomcat and Resin web app servers, Hibernate, Struts, Tiles, Ant, JBoss, MSBuild and MSI, Ajax


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